Rent a kit

Those who wish to climb the via ferrata in autonomy but don’t have their technical material, can be hire a complete kit.
The rental cost of each kit, for a day, is 15,00 €. For hire the kit it’s necessary to reserve it, using the contact details from the page contacts. When you withdraws the kit you must fill a form where you declare that you possess the necessary skills to climb the via ferrata in autonomy and that you know how to use the kit.

To pick up the kit for hire you must leave your identity card (or, otherwise, a deposit of 100 euros) which will be returned at the end of the rental.

The kit consists of:
• Helmet
• Harness (one size fits all, adjustable)
• Double lanyard with shock absorber

Kits for rent are verified every day, however in no event shall the hirer be liable for damages that be caused to persons or things during the excursion made without guide. The rupture or failure to return of parts of the kit will charged in equal value to the repurchase cost.